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Welcome to Compare Supercar Hire

As the UK's premier luxury car hire service, we at Compare Supercar Hire are delighted to offer an unparalleled chauffeur-driven experience. Our fleet of high-end vehicles and our dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that your special event will be both sophisticated and memorable.

The Chauffeur-Driven Experience

Our chauffeur-driven services are the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. Whether you're looking to make a grand entrance at a wedding, impress at a corporate event, or arrive in style at a red carpet appearance, our professional chauffeurs will ensure you reach your destination with elegance.

Our Range of High-End Vehicles

Our fleet includes the epitome of luxury with Rolls Royce and Bentley, synonymous with grace and class. Mercedes vehicles offer a blend of comfort and prestige, perfect for any occasion. For those seeking the thrill of speed in a sophisticated package, our top-tier sports cars like the Ferrari and Lamborghini are at your disposal.

Additionally, we boast an array of other sports car models including the sleek McLaren, the powerful Porsche, and the cutting-edge Aston Martin, all ready to add that extra special touch to your event.

The Self-Drive Option

For those who prefer the thrill of driving a supercar themselves, we offer a self-drive option. Choose from renowned models such as the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, or the iconic McLaren 720S. Please note that specific age restrictions and insurance requirements apply to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your luxury experience.

Our Commitment to You

At Compare Supercar Hire, we are committed to your satisfaction. Safety, luxury, and a bespoke experience are the cornerstones of our service. We cover the entire UK, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can enjoy the premier car hire experience we offer.

Compare Our Sports Cars

Sports Car Comparison
Vehicle Model Power 0-60 mph
Ferrari 488 GTB 660 HP 3.0 seconds
Lamborghini Huracan 630 HP 2.9 seconds
McLaren 720S 710 HP 2.8 seconds
Porsche 911 Turbo S 640 HP 2.6 seconds


  • What is the minimum age for self-drive hire?

    The minimum age for self-drive hire is typically 25 years, but this can vary depending on the vehicle. We will confirm this during your booking process.

  • Why should I choose chauffeur-driven hire?

    Choosing a chauffeur-driven hire allows you to enjoy the luxury of our vehicles without the stress of driving, navigation, or parking. It's the perfect choice for making an unforgettable entrance at any high-profile event.

  • Do you provide services outside of London?

    Yes, our services extend across the entire UK, ensuring that you can enjoy the luxury of Compare Supercar Hire wherever you are.

Thank you for considering Compare Supercar Hire for your luxury car needs. We pride ourselves on offering a fleet of the world's most sought-after vehicles paired with impeccable service to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Contact us today to book your unforgettable journey.

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